The Florida Pediatrician is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by the Editorial Board of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Journal includes scientific articles, case reports, legislative updates, and other information relevant to pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and pediatric allied health practitioners in Florida. Published articles are available for viewing below.

Fall 2021 Edition

Neurocysticercosis: Discussion Over Two Presumed Cases of Brain Lesion
Gabriela M. Moraru, Gaurav Saigal, Ivan A. Gonzalez

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Adolescent Weight Management
Amy L. Weiss, Rebecca Chermak, Amanda Musin

Evaluating Knowledge and Implementation of Early Peanut Introduction Guidelines: A Cross-sectional Survey
Shannon Sullivan, Molly Kidder, Natalia Pineros, Yvette Gonzalez, Rahul Mhaskar, Sharon Dabrow, Panida Sriaroon

The Firearm Epidemic: How Can Pediatric Trainees Improve Firearm Safety?
Alexandra Byrne, MD; Melanie Gross Hagen, MD; Lindsay Thompson, MD, MS

Human Trafficking of Children and Adolescents: A Literature Review and Call to Action for Florida Pediatricians
Ali E. Wells, MD; Chelsea R. Schmitt, MD, MPH; Antoinette C. Spoto-Cannons, MD

Effect of Newly Proposed Definitions on Incidence and Classification of Severity of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Amber Bulna, Nelson Claure, Daniela Caballero Aguilar­, Augusto Schmidt

Complex Chromosomal Rearrangement Involving 15q11-q13 Interstitial Triplication and Duplication – A New Case Report of Dysmorphic and Neuropsychiatric Features
Lekha Chilakamarri, E. Lizbeth Mellin-Sanchez

Effect of Underlying Connective Tissue Disorders on Pediatric and Adolescent Chiari I Malformation Neurosurgical Patients – A National Inpatient Sample Analysis
Jamie E. Clarke, Shelly Wang

Missed Opportunities in HPV Vaccine Administration in a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic
S Trenkner, J Raman, C McNelly, S Lucas, SA Rodriguez, JA Tiro, JKR Francis

Diagnostic Delay of Untreated Chronic Diabetes Insipidus and Rapidly Progressive Puberty in a 10-Year-Old
Pranshu Bhardwaj, Rachel M. Coleman, Marie L. Rivera-Zengotita, John H. Rees, Angelina V. Bernier

Summer 2021 Edition

Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis: A Forgotten Diagnosis
Carly Gunderson, Ana M. Alvarez

Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis in an Adolescent Female
Malcolm M Kates, Sanjeev Tuli, Ruchita Kachru, Sonal Tuli

The Challenge of Diagnosing Common Variable Immunodeficiency in the Face of Immunosuppression and Nephrotic Syndrome
Jacob Diamond, Douglas Nordli, Matthew Garber, Suzanne Bilyeu

Poor Growth in an 8-month-old Infant: Don’t Forget the Kidneys!
Lauren Duncanson, R. Meredith Plant

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Use in the Adolescent
Joseph Thomas Whelihan, Maureen Anne Novak

Red Flags for the Red Eye: When Simple Subconjunctival Hemorrhage Is Not So Simple
Lauren Jeang, Jesse Terrell, Sanjeev Tuli, Stephanie Ryan, Sonal S. Tuli

What can be Learned from an Adolescent with Marfan Syndrome and Mental Health Concerns?
Blaire Cote