FCAAP Committees and Task Forces

The FCAAP committees and task forces work to accomplish programs established by the organization or with external stakeholders. To learn how you can get involved, contact the Chapter at info@fcaap.org or 850.224.3939.

Committees & Task Forces

  • Breastfeeding Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Joan Meek and Sandra Sullivan
  • Child Abuse and Injury Prevention Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Randy Alexander
  • Child Oral Health Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Lindsay Thompson and Puneet Tung
  • Continuing Education Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Nicole Torres and Gene Hershorin
  • Council of Past Presidents
    • Chair: Dr. Madeline Joseph
  • Disaster Preparedness Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Tiffany Berkshire and Mavara Mirza-Agrawal
  • Early Career Physicians Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. John Morrison and Meredith Plant
  • Editorial Board Committee
    • Chair and Editor: Dr. Mobeen Rathore
  • Finance Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Patricia Emmanuel
  • Governance Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Lisa Gwynn
  • Medical Students Committee
    • Chair: Sean Livingston
  • Immunization Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Audrey Ofir
  • Legislative Advocacy Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Toni Richards-Rowley
  • Medicaid Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Paul Robinson
  • Membership Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. E. Leila Jerome Clay and Rana Alissa
  • Nominations Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Madeline Joseph
  • Obesity and Nutrition Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Shaista Safder
  • Residents and Trainees Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Matthew Gates and Rebecca Espinosa
    • Advisor: Dr. Sharon Dabrow

Task Forces

  • Community Pediatrics & Health Equity Task Force
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Mikah Owen and Rita Nathawad
  • Emerging Infections Task Force
    • Chair: Dr. Mobeen Rathore
  • Gun Violence Prevention Task Force
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Judith Aronson-Ramos and Robin Straus
  • Mental Health Task Force
    • Dr. Tommy Schechtman
  • Opioid Task Force
    • Chair: Dr. Mark Hudak
  • Pediatric  Cardiovascular Task Force
    • Co-Chairs: Drs. Bill Blanchard and Gerold Schiebler
  • School Health Task Force
    • Dr. Lisa Gwynn


Projects, Programs, and Grant Initiatives

Healthy People 2020

The FCAAP Gun Violence Prevention Task Force is leading this project with a goals of increasing the proportion of PCP office visits where youth aged 12 to 18 years are screened for depression and increasing the proportion of children with mental health problems who receive treatment by training 150 primary care providers to screen, diagnose, and treat adolescent depression. The project will provide live training for PCPs in Southeast Florida using an evidence-based, specialized workshop that incorporates simulated clinical encounters with adolescent actors. To make this training accessible to the other PCPs throughout the state, the training will be recorded and disseminated in a web-based format.

 Zika 101

Through this project, the Emerging Infections Committee is working to provide updated information related to the Zika Virus in pediatrics. The educational webinars from the 2019 sessions are available for replay on the CE Opportunities page of the FCAAP website. Additional resources are available on the Resources page. A live educational program will be hosted in Miami-Dade county in the fall of 2019.

2019 Adolescent Vaccinations and Wellness

Through this project, the Immunizations Committee will work with participating practices to increase HPV vaccination rates by initiating the 2-dose series at age 9 (and no later than age 11) and completing the series no later than age 12. This will be accomplished by educating adolescents and their parents on the importance of early vaccination against cancers caused by HPV, and by educating pediatricians on how to use Florida SHOTS and/or their EHR to understand their vaccination rates for their patient population, how to make a clear recommendation for vaccination at age 9, and how to effectively recall patients for the second dose before age 12. Education and recall resources will be provided to participating practices. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Cheval Breggins at cbreggins@fcaap.org.

Patient Centered Medical Home Transition

Through the Pediatric Council, FCAAP continues to provide the Patient Centered Medical Home Transition Program to its members a no cost, providing resources to help FCAAP members achieve PCMH recognition.